With winter in full swing, this month’s Posh Pod blog gives you all the tips and tricks for keeping your feet happy & healthy these cooler months. 

1. Keeping feet warm & dry 

Wet and dark environments can invite bacteria. Keep your feet clean and dry this winter by washing and drying feet well daily. Natural socks, rather than synthetic, will wick moisture from the feet keeping them warm and dry. 

2. Give the polish a break 

The cooler months are a great chance to rejuvenate your toenails. Polish does not allow the nails to breath; reducing their strength and increase the chance of fungal infections. Allowing the nails to breathe over winter will allow rest and repair. 

3. Footwear is important 

Good shoes should provide comfort, warmth, and protection for the winter months. Think about leather or even waterproof shoes to keep feet dry! Also ensure that they have rubber outsoles to prevent slips and falls; and allow extra room for thicker socks. 

4. Get those feet moving 

Exercise is not only great for the winter blues, but also stimulates blood circulation to the feet, keeping them warm. 

5. Moisturise 

Creaming your feet aids in hydration, keeping the skin soft and supple. Massage can also stimulate blood flow- keeping your feet and toes warm! 

6. BONUS tip for Diabetics

Avoid heated massagers and hot water bottles! If you have reduced feeling in your feet these products can easily cause burns. 

7. Don’t forget to visit your favourite podiatrist!

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Words from one our great podiatrists

-Victoria Kokotatsios

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