Paediatric and Growing Pains

Growing pains are typically described as painful muscles in the foot, ankle and legs affecting school-aged children. Despite its name, there is no scientific evidence that these pains are caused by growth spurts. They are more likely to occur after prolonged physical activity or as an effect of poor lower limb posture.

What are the symptoms?

Pain in both legs. Pain is typically felt during late afternoons or evenings, and disappears in the morning, in some cases, your child may experience headaches.

As a parent, foot and leg pains may be a source of worry for you. PoshPod has a strong history in caring for children with foot complaints. Our friendly podiatrists will make sure that you and your child will be at ease during your visit. We’ll take the time to understand your child’s condition before diagnosing and recommending treatment options.

It is also important to distinguish growing pains from more severe conditions such as infection or arthritis. Our podiatrists can determine if underlying biomechanical anomalies are contributing to pain in order for children to be active and pain free.

We also provide treatment for the following conditions

In Toeing

In toeing or “pigeon toed” is when the feet turn inwards whilst walking. This is common in childhood and is usually outgrown. However, in toeing may cause falls and awkwardness when walking or running. If in toeing does not improve with time and only affects one leg or affects activity participation, you will need to see a podiatrist. In toeing will greatly benefit from exercise and orthotic therapy.

Toe walking

Toe walking is a condition where no weight is placed onto the heel whilst walking. It is commonly seen in toddlers and often occurs without cause. If continued into adulthood, toe walking can lead to shortening of the calf muscle, postural issues and difficulty in wearing shoes. At PoshPod, we provide treatment options depending on the severity of the condition, including stretching and orthotic therapy.

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