Orthotic Therapy

PoshPod designs custom-made orthoses that help improve your performance, provide comfort and reduce injury. These shoe inserts are custom-designed to align, support and assist the feet, knees and back to function well while walking and running. Whether you’re an athlete or a weekend warrior, our orthotics provide the needed support to prevent pain and future side-effects of poor foot alignment.

How it helps

Custom orthoses can help address the following problems

Heel Pain

Unstable ankles

Forefoot Pain

Achilles Tendonitis

Front of Knee Pain

Lower back pain

Orthotic therapy can also reduce pains associated with arthritis and general wear, and other areas of concern, like:

Recurring callus / corn patterns

Previous ulceration site


Rheumatoid arthritis

Fat pad atrophy

Our difference

PoshPod uses a digital weight bearing 3D casting system called Voxelcare

Voxelcare is a quick, easy and mess free way to take an accurate imprint of your feet. We then adjust and add necessary components to suit your functional needs and goals. Depending on your specific needs, we create devices that could provide more stability while you walk or run, as well as flexible ones that allow increased shock absorption.

Once prescribed, your podiatrist will fit the orthoses to your shoes and provide wearing-in advice. We will also prescribe adjunct therapies like stretching and strengthening exercises to ensure that your feet remain strong and functional without the device.
These orthotic devices are made by our very own Podiatrists in our clinic to your specs.

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