INGROWN TOENAILS- What are they & how do we fix them?

The weight of a bedsheet is painful. Shoes and socks are unbearable. That’s right, in this blog we tackle the dreaded ingrown toenail.

what is an ingrown toenail?

An ingrown toenail is when part of your nail pierces and continues to grow into the skin surrounding it. A portal for bacteria is created, causing infection. The toe becomes red, swollen and has pus.

Ingrown toenail occur most often on either side of the big toenails. They can affect the smaller nails also.


  • Picking at the nails
  • Cutting nails down the sides
  • Poor fitting shoes
  • Trauma
  • Genetics


Fear not, PoshPod is here to help.

Book yourself in for an appointment. Avoid home surgery- It often makes things worse.

If you have an infection, it is sometimes worth seeing the GP for antibiotics- this will reduce pain and allow treatment to be more comfortable.

Your PoshPod podiatrist will expertly remove the offending piece of nail and educate you on how to care for any infection. We will chat about the underlying cause of the nail to prevent reoccurrence.

If an ingrown is recurrent or extremely painful surgery is the recommended course of action.

did you say surgery?!

Don’t worry! This procedure is small, safe, and completed at our clinic.

A partial nail avulsion or PNA is for patients with ingrown that are not responding to conservative treatment.

Nail surgery is performed under a local anaesthetic, therefore you won’t feel a thing. A tourniquet is applied to stop excessive bleeding and the offending nail is removed from the base (matrix) and is sterilised to prevent regrowth.

PNAs are extremely successful and are a long term solution to an annoying problem.

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Words from one our great podiatrists

-Victoria Kokotatsios

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