Ingrown Nail Surgery

Ingrown toenails can range from mild pain when pressure is applied on the affected area to severe pain when you find it difficult to walk and wear shoes. Ingrown toenails are also prone to infection. Once infected, it can be extremely painful to walk and continue with your regular activities.

There are conservative and non-invasive treatment options for ingrown nails. But if it continues to be a problem, ingrown toenail surgery is likely to be your best option to avoid long-term discomfort and pain.


Surgery Procedure

For severe and recurring ingrown toenails, our specialists perform a procedure called partial nail avulsion with matrix phenolisation. This method involves removing the side of the nail that is affecting your skin. This procedure is commonly done for simple ingrown toenail cases and is typically quick and painless, as it is performed under local anaesthetic. Recovery time is also fast and can be resolved with conservative medication.

Surgery Post-Op CareAftercare

Driving is not advisable

Wear open-toe shoes if possible

Avoid strenuous activities two weeks after surgery

If pain is severe, contact us immediately

Keep the affected toe dry and clean until your scheduled dressing change

If you have concerns about your recurring ingrown toenail, you can book an appointment with our podiatrists today.