DIABETIC feet- let us help you

Around 1.8 million people in Australia have diabetes. It is a disease which can impact many parts of the body, including your feet! Keep reading to understand diabetic fee and how PoshPod can help you.

What are complications of diabetes?

  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Skin problems
  • Blindness
  • Diabetic Feet
    • Damaged nerves as a result of too much sugar in the bloodstream
    • Poor circulation causing delayed healing

Learn more about non- foot related diabetic complications at Diabetes Australia.


As mentioned above, poor circulation and damaged nerves are foot related complication of diabetes.

The biggest concern of nerve damage/diabetic neuropathy is when the patient is walking barefoot. As a result they will not notice when they have stepped on something. This can lead to unknown wounds. Diabetics should avoid walking barefoot check their feet daily for any cuts, grazes or openings.

Poor circulation mean diabetic feet are unable to heal these cuts and grazes. As a result diabetics are prone to ulcerations that lead to amputations of digits and feet.


Diabetics requires the care of a multidisciplinary team due to the many complications that come with it. A podiatrist is often overlooked in the multidisciplinary approach of managing diabetes, although foot complications are one of the biggest reasons diabetics are hospitalised.

How can your PoshPod podiatrist help you?

  • Conducting regular assessments on the nerves and blood flow at the feet
  • These assessments involve us checking your nerves and blood flow to your feet to make sure we can address any issues as soon as possible
  • Providing general skin and nail care to remove any corns and calluses
  • Providing tips on how to best look after your feet at home

Prevention is better than cure!

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