Corns & Calluses

Corns and calluses that form at the bottom of your feet can be painful and extremely uncomfortable. At PoshPod, our specialists are highly experienced in removing foot corns and calluses effectively without damaging the skin of your foot.

Apart from immediate treatment, we also investigate further on the causes so we can prevent them from happening again.

How does it develop?

A callus is an area of thickened skin at the bottom of the foot, which develops as a result of constant pressure on your feet. Calluses are dead skin, so you typically won’t feel pain when you remove them.

Similar to calluses, foot corns are thickened dead skin caused by pressure and friction on the feet. The difference is that they appear on specific points, often at the centre of a callus. They appear as small, rough and yellowing patches of skin (about 2mm to 20mm), and go deeper into the skin in an inverted cone shape. They are often more painful when the affected area comes in contact with any surface.

How can they be treated?

Our podiatrists are experts in various treatments for corns and calluses. We take the time to understand the causes and provide clinical treatment to reduce your symptoms and repair your damaged skin.

If you are developing foot corns and calluses, you can book an appointment with our podiatrists today.