BRR it’s cold out there…. could I have Chilblains?

With the colder, wetter, and unpredictable weather setting in, it’s time to take a look at what changes we may see in our feet (or fingers) over the winter months. This month’s blog is about…. Chilblains!

If your toes or fingers become itchy, swollen or have painful blisters after being outside you may have chilblains. They are the result of repeated exposure to cold/ freezing temperatures, which damage the blood vessels in our extremities. 

Chilblains can affect:

  • Fingers
  • Toes
  • Nose
  • Ears

You are more likely to develop chilblains if you have:

  • Compromised circulation
  • Sensitive skin
  • Had them before

In order to heal, the skin must be protected, stay warm and dry, therefore it is extremely important not to scratch as this can further damage the skin and cause infection. 

It’s also important to remember if you have been affected by chilblains before they can recur. Even after brief exposure to cold.

So, if you are hitting the slopes, hiking or just “feel the cold” be mindful of keeping your hands, feet, and body warm. Improve your circulation by exercising regularly and wearing appropriate clothing and footwear. If you think you have chilblains, visit a podiatrist. At PoshPod we can advise on how best to manage them for the cooler months.

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Words from one of our podiatrists,

Yvette Cunningham

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